Used Tires Express

Used Tires

We carry thousands of Used Tires If you are looking to get a set of tires but are not in need of new ones; check out our used tire inventory! Our main warehouse holds over tens of thousands tires with a great variety of brands, models, sizes and tread depths available for online sales or local customers. 

We carry take-off tires which are considered Used Tires but in excellent condition. Most of these tires are from vehicles that visit shops straight out of their dealer with customers that are ready to upgrade or change the look of their car. Take-off tires normally have anywhere from 90-99% of tread remaining and available for usage. Even though these tires are like new, they are still sold as Pre-Owned (Used).

Our Used Tires are well inspected prior to sale and are repaired if needed. All Plugs andPatches are professionally placed on area in which tire is leaking. Used Tires Express has very strict policies as to what used tires to sell. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with used tires that are able to last without the fear of a sudden blow-out. Repairs on the wall of a tire or bubble-like structure are a sign of a bad tire and are not for sale. We provide a 24 hr. warranty on all used tires to ensure your satisfaction. We are unable to provide a more extended warranty due to the limited or no manufacturer’s warranty. Due to our prices and availability of used tires, our customers gladly recommend us to their family and friends. We carry many sizes that are not easy to find at other local tire shops. These tires include those that are low profile, sizes 18-28, or simply special tires for your BMW, Ferrari, MBZ, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls Royce or Hummer.

Some Reasons to Buy Used Tires:

  1. If you are on a Lease car and your lease is about to end, used tires are a great way to save money and ensure the standards on your lease agreement are met.
  2. If you have an unexpected blow-out and are in need of a tire but would rather pay less or match the tread wear of your other 3 tires.
  3. If you have plans on selling your car to a dealer or a friend.
  4. If you simply want to wait to get the new set of tires later on in the year


With Our Computer Balance Equipment, We Guarantee Satisfaction.

Our professional technicians will ensure your tires will be properly mounted and balanced. From experience, our tire techs are familiarized with the proper amount of air pressure for each tire. Even though the normal pressure is of 35psi for a regular 15 inch tire, it varies between sizes. The range is between 35psi - 44psi per tire. After obtaining your new set of tires, it’s important to make an appointment with your local alignment shop in order to ride your tires on a well aligned vehicle. This will avoid problems with uneven tread wear and can ensure the mileage of your tires.


Off Road Tires

At Used Tires Express we also have used off road tires. Check out our Off Road Tires page for more information.

Other Services Include:

·         Tire Patching

·         Plugs

·         Tire Sensors

·         Wheel and Rim repair