Frequently Asked Questions



How much does it cost to re-chrome wheels?

It depends on the size, how curvy the wheel is, if it’s been re-chromed, if wheel is silver; would be cheaper.

If my wheel is cracked can you guys fix it?

Most of the time it can be fixed, but please bring your wheel to determine this

How much is it for wheel reconditioning?

Please bring your wheel to the store so that we can give you a fair price. Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a quote over the phone because it is best that we inspect your wheels physically at the store, again, to give you a fair price.

Does wheel repair have any warranty on it?

Only on welding and that’s only on the spot that was repaired. Not on new damage.

Do you fix wheels?

Yes, we straighten, repair, re-finish, re-polish, paint and fix almost any damaged wheel. We have the latest computerized equipment and technology in the industry. We don’t just hammer your wheel to make it round.

What type of wheels do you repair?

We repair almost any kind of alloy / aluminum wheel. See our before and after pictures.

What is the turn around on wheel repair?

It depends on the wheel condition and what has to be done to it. Between 24 & 72 hours

How much does it cost to repair a wheel?

This depends on the type of wheel, condition, and size. Cost is between $95 and $200 for an average wheel. Keep in mind that if your wheel is a high end wheel your price will be significantly higher. For a fair estimate please bring your wheel in to the store so we can take a look at it.