Do you have any old, cracked, bald, or un-repairable tires?
Bring them in to Used Tires Express today!

What type of Tires does Used Tires Express take in?

If you have a tire that is bald, cracked or completely deformed, bring it in to Used Tires Express and get your tire recycled the right way in exchange for a Cleaner Planet. We only take tires and wheels for scrap. Used Tires Express recycles any type of tire as long as they are rubber and you pay us by the tire to recycle. We repair tires in our facility but all scrap is treated as such and does not get reconstructed or fixed for resale. Our tires are stored and get prepared to be recycled properly.

Most customers that bring in their tires and wheels as scrap have found themselves with a set of 3 tires in their garage of a discontinued model. Other customers have extra sets of tires from cars they already sold. Whatever the case may be, we can  Buy, Trade,Tires at  Used Tires Express.

If you have more than four tires, we can make arrangements to get them picked up from your home or business. This way you get rid of your tires, make Mother Earth a Cleaner Place and stay in the comfort of your home.

What is Tire Recycling?

Tire recycling is the process of re-using old tire material, such as rubber, to make new products. Recycling old tire products uses 95% less energy than manufacturing it from new raw materials. Recycling  such as your tires drastically reduces how much energy sources we consume every day. Used Tires Express is doing its part to help the environment.

If you have any questions about used tire scrap, please contact us today and we will further assist you. Be sure to do your part to help our environment and recycle your tires today.