Wheel Repair

Used Tires Express offers restoration for your wheels, both auto and motorcycle. We straighten, repair, re-finish, re-polish, paint and fix almost any damaged wheel. We have the latest computerized equipment and technology in the industry. We don’t just hammer your wheel to make it round. Used Tires Express repairs almost any kind of alloy/aluminum, chromed or steel wheel.

Wheel repairs usually take 24 hours from the time we receive your wheel. If the condition of your wheel is more severe, the process can take up to 72 hours. This service is an option when the wheels are not in inventory. We also offer custom paint finishes matching your vehicle’s color.

The cost of the repair depends on the type of wheel, condition, and size. Cost for an average wheel repair usually runs between $95 and $200 depending on the damage. Keep in mind that if your wheel is a high end wheel your price will be significantly higher. For a fair estimate please bring your wheel in to the store so our experts can take a look at it.

We require full payment before any work is done on your wheel and cannot give you an estimate over the phone. Please bring your wheel to the store so that we can give you a fair price. Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a quote over the phone because it is best that we inspect your wheels physically at the store, again, to give you a fair price.

We use our own technology, which uses hydraulic pressure, heat, customized tools and metallurgical skill to straighten aluminum alloy to factory specifications. This process can be considered to be both an art and a science because it requires a lot of hours of training before a person dealing with wheel straightening is qualified enough to work on customer rims.

While custom wheel rebuilding is limited mostly to steel wheels, we can straighten forged, spun, cast or billet alloy wheels. Even though some wheels may seem to be too mangled to be straightened.

We can straighten steel wheels, as well, however we find that most steel wheels are cheaper to replace than to apply wheel straightening. We strive to check the replacement cost of steel wheels to ensure that our customers know the alternatives available when choosing whether to straighten or to replace their wheels.